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Now you can easily Optimize your android device battery life using Super Optimize app.Super Optimize app allows users to make the most of their battery by selecting each and every single parameter.

Super Optimize to identify and terminate memory and battery-hogging apps, free up precious space by clearing out cache files, and enhance your privacy by wiping away search histories and more.

While there are tons of apps which claim to help you save the battery but in return the very same apps are responsible for battery drain unlike this app called “Super Optimize”.


  • Battery management: extend battery life by switching off components you don’t need. Put your phone into “Eco mode” with one tap.
  • System management: remove temporary files and claw back your precious disk space, app by app. Terminate apps and processes you don’t need.
  • Uninstall apps effortlessly.
  • History management: clear your call history, message drafts, email search history and more.
  • Transfer apps to and from the SD card.
  • Manage volume and brightness settings in a simple interface.

To download the “Super Optimize” Android app, you can head over to the download this from the Here. Do let us know in the comments section on whether you liked this app or not.

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