Get Galaxy S4 Style Air Gesture Feature on Your Android Device With Answer Your Call

Although I’m happy with my LG Nexus 4 Android phone, I’ve also got a bad case of Air Gesture envy. I, too, would like a ” Air  Gesture ” that r Control phone functions without touching the screen! such as ” Waving your hand at the device to accept calls, change music, or browse the web and your photos? This sounds ridiculous..” And I’m sure I’m not alone, as the millions of Google search results for ” Air  Gesture for Android” attest.

Air Call-Accept  is free handy app that effortlessly answer your phone without even touching it  Like Air Gesture on your android phone . This application works with Proximity sensor above the display device.

Simply install the app and open it up, turn the service on and you’re ready to go! Answer your phone by waving over your phone (no need to touch the screen) or by putting it to your ear.

Download Air Call-Accept  from Google Play

Vishaka Raj is a freelance writer covering all things Mobile-related. A former IT admin and occasional web developer:

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