How to Backup Installed Apps on Android to Dropbox or Google Drive

Now you can easily Backup Installed Apps on Android to Dropbox or Google Drive using Easy App Toolbox. Easy App Toolbox is a free handy tool for Android that allows you to take a backup of your apps to Dropbox or Google Drive.

As this application is still in the beta stages, there are at times you need to select the backup option multiple times but backup of apps can be taken to various online cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive,, to sd card and also you can back up all the apps to your computer by connecting the device to the computer with the help of USB cable.

Then you can select the apps to backup and finish the process. To Restore you can do the same option from the main menu. Another useful feature of Easy App toolbox is that you can share the apk of any installed app to your friends.

Download Easy App Toolbox

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