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How to fix out of space error on your android device. Here is a simple tips about fixing out of space error , here is a guide to fix Network Error problem.

If you’re undergoing with the same problem, follow the instructions listed below.


The android device must be rooted.check out Our Rooting Guides

Root Explorer and lucky patcher must be installed

How to Fix Out Of Space Error in Android device

Step 1. Open the application called root explorer from app drawer.

Step 2. Go to option called data/app

Step 3. Delete all files that have odex extention (.odex)

Step 4. After deleting the files make sure to reboot your device[off and on]

You are done. Reboot the phone .Did it work for you? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. I tried using root explorer, AndExplorer, AndroZip Explorer, and none of them had the option of data/app , solo having the same problem with insufficient memory

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