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Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best phone I have ever pick up. Some of the users of the said galaxy s2 have reported several bugs related to WiFi which have left them with limited to no access to WiFi connectivity (the poor wifi signal makes people uncomfortable). When there’s a problem, in this article we will guide you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S2 Wifi issues.here i am provide 3 solution for you..

Galaxy S II

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S2 WiFi Issues

Solution 1: Go to wifi settings àAdvanced à sleep policy, and make sure NEVER is ticked.

Solution 2: Try Android app “FXR Wifi fix and rescue”. It removes all your wifi profiles but it does seem to have improved performance.

Solution 3 :

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have rooted your device before doing this procedure.

II. Downloading Required Files:



III. How to Fixing WiFi Issues on the Samsung Galaxy S2:

Download this and extract the files from ZIP folder and copy the zImage file in your sdcard location and open the CWM and flash the Kernel, Not the ROM. Be careful, to flash the kernel with this zImage only, If other images are there in the same directory move them, or move this file to new folder, where you can easily recognize the image file location.

From this, you can see, the flash kernel option is available. However since, this is CF-ROOTED and CWM is managed through CF-KERNEL, the flashing of ROM option has been disabled, once the siyah kernel has been flashed for kernel. I respect the Chain Fire however, until new stable WI-FI working kernel is released, I am sticking with Siyah Kernel, as I can use the Dual ROMs now…

Okay. So concisely, Flash your kernel with this latest stable Working Siyah Kernel, You can be on Whatever ROM version, Flash this and See the issues fixed.

From the next start-up, you shouldn’t notice the bug you had been suffering from as the above solution has fixed it. If not fixed, or facing problems, mention the problems here, and I will be working at my best to fix them for you.

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