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How to Increase / Extend Internal Storage Memory of Android Phone :Android apps & games install to the internal storage by default, When internal phone memory gets full, Android users have two problems: 1) users can’t install any more apps and 2) phone starts working slowly.

Looking for a simple solution for increasing the internal storage memory of your Android Phone?

This trick allows you to move almost any app to the SD card – root access required.This tweak requires any Android OS.
Here is simple trick to Extend Internal Storage Memory of Android Phone using Portion of SD Card

How to Extend Internal Storage Memory of Android Phone

First root your phone and now you need to partition your SD card. Here is simple method to partition your sd card using ClockworkMode (CWM)

Step 1 : First download “CWM Skin1980.zip”  and copy it to your SD card.

Step 2 : Switch off your phone and boot into recovery mode

Step 3 : In Recovery mode select “apply update from sd card, then select “CWM Skin1980.zip” saved on your SD card and press your phone’s “Home” key.

Step 4 : Now, on the “ClockworkMod Recovery” menu, select “advanced” and press “Home” key.

Step 5 : In the “Advanced and Debugging” menu, select “Partition SD Card” and press Home key to partition your SD card.

Step 6 : In the “Ext Size” menu, select the size of the new internal memory storage that you want to be. Select 2048 MB (2GB) or low for better performance.

Step 7 : Now, on the next screen labelled “swap size”, select 0M and press “Home” key. Wait a few minutes for your SD card to be partitioned.

Step 8 : Next, select “reboot recovery”, then select “reboot system now”. Your phone will reboot.

Step 9 : Then, install Link2SD app from Play Store and open Link2SD.

Step 10 : and tap “More” and then choose “recreate mount script”.then Select “ext 2” or “ext3? and tap OK button. Then, reboot your phone. Again Run Link2SD, tap an application that you want to move to the second partition and then tap on “Create Link”.


( Via – techtrickz )

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    • To undi foll the following steps:

      – remove link for each apps that are linked in link2sd
      – uninstall link2sd, reboot and check if apps work fine.
      – google ” mini partition tool”, download and install it.
      – plug in ur sd card with pc, and dlt ext partition with help of mini partition tool.

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