How To Install Android 4.3 Jellybean Camera App On Your Android Device [Ultimate Guide]

Now you can install android 4.3 jelly bean Camera App From Google Play Edition Phones to your android devices. If you have saw the new Stock android, “Google Edition” Samsung Galaxy S4, and HTC One, they have slightly different camera interfaces.

With so many people looking at these new devices many noticed that the camera featured on these new devices had a different look compared to the stock camera on the Nexus 4.

Well after a day of painfully searching for the Camera APK we finally have it available for download (link below). This APK will work on Jellybean devices, like my stock rooted Note 2 running Jellybean 4.1.2, and to install you just sideload it, then click install, easy as that.

The new camera interface offers a slicker, easier to use system, similar to the one that features in Android 4.2 jelly bean

To install, download the file to your phone tap on it when it finishes, and then install. It should show up in your app drawer with the stock camera icon. If you have a Nexus, it will more than likely replace your current camera.

Download Link

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