How to permanently Set Desktop Mode In Chrome For Android

Google Chrome is my browser  for android  because of its speed and its integration with Google services . But it is an annoying problem with Chrome for Android, because the browser shows me only at the request of the desktop version of a web. I can not force permanently.

Here is a simple trick that enable  permanently  Set Desktop Mode In Chrome for andoid when browsing on our tablet or large phone .

How to permanently  Set Desktop Mode In Chrome

First download  Chrome command-line and copy it to the memory card . Here, please note that the file is also saved well! From a browser. Txt added this must be deleted

The file with a file manager in the data local copy to the phone memory (only with root privileges)

for non-rooted devices

Place the file in the root directory of your PC and make sure your device is connected to your computer. When connected, issue this command:

adb push /chrome-command-line /data/local/chrome-command-line

You can also set the path on your computer where the file is located by replacing the first ‘/chrome-command-line’ with the file location.

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