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Now you can easily Bloatware Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy S4 without Rooting .carriers like to load up “their” galaxy s4 with apps that they think you want. These apps take up space on an already limited storage partition, they occupy screen real-estate in your app drawer, and in most cases you can’t remove them.

If you are not happy with you Galaxy S4 with a populated app drawer and slow performance, you should consider removing the apps and widgets that you normally do not need or use.

Usually, you need to root an Android device to be able to delete the bloats using an app or a root file manager. An user with a rooted S4 might get rid of those system apps manually or by installing a custom ROM, but those who do not wish to root their brand new Galaxy S4 and would still like to flush the bloats, you are just where you should be!


How to Remove Bloatware Apps  From Your Samsung Galaxy S4 without Rooting 

TrulyClean is a “any rom” script that removes A LOT of crap-apps (98+ apps removed) and other stuff on the phone.now you can  without rooting  all bloatware apps will be removed running the default script. I even count apps like S Voice and Samsung Hub as unnecessary apps.

Step 1.  Download the TrulyClean script file in zip meant for your Galaxy S4′s model and copy it to the external SD Cardon your phone.



Step 2.  Turn of your phone and boot it into Recovery mode

Step 3.  In Recovery, use the volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select options.

Step 4.  Scroll to “apply update from external storage” and select the TrulyClean zip file.

Step  5.  Confirm your installation and wait till it is finished.

Step 6.  Then come back to main menu and select “reboot system now”.

rooted stock Samsung firmware

Step 1.  Turn off the device and boot it into CWM recovery.

Step 1.  Go to “install zip from sdcard” option and select the TrulyClean zip file.

Step 1.  Confirm installation by selecting “yes”.

Finally, reboot the device.

be careful not to disable any essential system processes, which are usually accompanied by the Android logo. In the event you make this mistake, you can always re-enable the process (and any other apps you disabled) back in the Application Manager.

Source XDA

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