How to Removing BlinkFeed Completely and Disabling Annoyances on the HTC One

Want to remove or  Disable BlinkFeed on the HTC One r BlinkFeed will take up valuable system resources and consume unnecessary network data, it isn’t done very well. Those large rectangles and image heavy previews kinda defeat the purpose in my opinion. I’m sure many HTC One users like it, but I don’t. Anyway of uninstalling BlinkFeed and getting rid of it off my homescreen?

While this may seem as an useful tool for some users, others may want to remove it as it doesn’t do anything for them. So, here’s how you can disable BlinkFeed on your HTC One.

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How to Removing BlinkFeed Completely and Disabling Annoyances on the HTC One

Step 1. Tap and hold any part of the screen

Step 2 . you’ll get  customization options for home screens.

Step 3 . At the top you’ll find a zoomed out view of all of the panels that are currently on your HTC One, with the BlinkFeed enabled panel appearing on the far left. Decide which panel you’d like to set as your home screen and then tap and hold it.

You should now see options to ‘Set as Home’ on the left and ‘Remove’ on the right top corners of your screen replacing the ‘Add Panel’ option. Drag the panel you’ve decided to replace BlinkFeed with to the left towards that ‘set as home’ option.

Alternatively you can install any  Launcher that Disable BlinkFeed on the HTC One

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