How to Save WhatsApp Profile Pictures to Your Android Device

How to Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Contacts ?? WhatsApp does not allows you to download Profile Pictures of your WhatsApp Contacts. Here is a simple tips that Save the WhatsApp Profile Pic of Your Contacts on android.

How to download Profile Pictures of your WhatsApp Contacts

Step 1. Open Whatsapp on your device

Step 2. Go to Whatsapp Contact and click on his Profile Picture.

Step 3. After tapping on profile pic on upper top left, A full screen image of that whatsapp contact will appear on your phone.

Step 4. Close whatsapp when you are able to see the image clearly as for high quality images it might take few seconds to load.

Step 5. Go to “My Files” on your Android Device.Scroll Down to select “whatspp” and then select whatsapp  “Profile pictures”.This folder contains Profile Picture of your whatsapp contacts that you have viewed on your Android Device.The Name of the profile will be the contact number of the contact.

This is how you can save whatsapp profile pic on your Android Device.

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    Jul 3, 2013 at 7:23 am

    Thanks guy, I really appreciate the help you render for me just now. 9ice block u’ve developed.

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