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Now you can quickly Transfer files between Android devices over Wi-Fi using SuperBeam. SuperBeam is a tiny app that share files quickly between android phones.

Transferring files between Android devices can be easy or near impossible, depending on attached hardware and your own patience. SuperBeam offers a simple solution for devices sharing a Wi-Fi network.


SuperBeam is there to share your files between two Android smartphones without having too much messy things. It is the super fast and easiest way to share large files between two Android devices within a Wi-fi network with QR Codes or NFC. Take a look on this.

With SuperBeam you are allowed to share all kinds of files between two Android devices. Files could be Pictures,Videos, Data, Documents, ZIP files, Android’s APK and a lot more like this. As it works upon a Wi-Fi network it gives you a super fast sharing speed.

If there is no Wi-Fi connectivity option, you can use your Hot-Spot direct to connect your devices. One more thing is that you can share multiple files at once. All you have yo do is just select your desired files and you’re done! SupeBeam would make them a transferable ones with other Android phone.

Basic Requirements to use SuperBeam :

1. Android devices both the sides

2. SuperBeam app must be installed in these devices

3. You need to connect your devices by using NFC function or QR-Codes

4. You must be connected with a common Wi-Fi network

Download SuperBeam for your Android Device from Google play

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