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How to Disable Camera Sound in Samsung Galaxy S2? Do you want to turn off Samsung Galaxy S2 focus and shutter sounds. Here is how you can disable the shutter sound in Samsung Galaxy S2.

How to Disable Camera Sound in Samsung Galaxy S2?

There are many methods that you can try to disable camera sound in Samsung Galaxy S2. 4 methods are more or less same.

Samsung-Galaxy s2

Method 1.

If you have a tmobile galaxy s2 with ICS. All you have to do is this: open your camera app, click on settings and scroll down to see if shutter sound is listed, if not click on edit shortcut and you will see shutter sound (kinda looks like a camera lense with a volume icon). Once you see it, you just have to drag it to the top of your screen which will add shutter sounds to the short cut. Once it is in the short cut you can click on it and it will you give you option to on or off.

Method 2.

local.prop method: first, you have to create an empty file named called local.prop and add a line ro.camera.sound.forced = 0 into it.

For that, open Notepad on your computer, paste below code into it and save the file as local.prop.Remember, not to save as local.prop.txt.

ro.camera.sound.forced = 0

Now copy and paste this file to your Samsung galaxy s2 to the location/data/. (The final location of the file will be “/data/local.prop”).

Then, reboot your phone, and all the sounds from the camera will be completely silent if you are putting SGS2 to silent mode.

Method 3.

First, use Root Explorer to open /system/build.prop file (open in text editor)

Then, add ” ro.camera.sound.forced=0 ” in the bottom of the file (without quote) and save and exit.

Now, reboot your phone. Then, if you want to disable the camera sounds (shot sound and focus sound), just change the system sound to silent or vibrate.

you will get a no-sounds camera.

Method 4.

In this method copy the local.prop file (you previously created) and paste it in the ADB folder. Enter command ADB push local.prop /data/local.prop

Then, reboot your phone and the camera application will be having the same properties of your system settings. If you put galaxy s2 in silent mode, camera will also be in silent mode.

To restore camera sound, just remove the local.prop file from the phone and restart.

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