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Now you can easily enable Data Compression in Chrome for Android and are often bandwidth capped or speed limited or both. This feature will optimize website content, hence site will load much more faster.in this update google also introduced password sync and auto-fill feature in chrome.

The new data compression technique works on Google’s hosted proxy servers that works between your mobile browser and the website hosting to compress the data before it is delivered to your browser.

As the name of feature all your HTTP traffic is routed using Google Proxy server that will compress the webpage size by reducing image and content size and then transfer you faster optimized and secure webpage to your device.

The whole compression process reduces your bandwidth up to 60% which means that you can save additional bandwidth and money as well if you are not using an unlimited internet connection. You can have a look at the image below; you can see how the bandwidth usage and Google’s new proxy compression technique save 62% of your internet bandwidth.

How to Turn On Data Compression in Chrome Beta for Android?

The data compression feature is now up for testing. To checkout the new feature, first install Chrome Beta for Android from Google Play, then type chrome://flags in the address bar and tap “Go”.

“Enable” next to the “data compression proxy” experiment, and once enabled tap “Relaunch now” to restart the browser.

To see how much data you’ve saved type chrome://net-internals in the address bar and tap on “Bandwidth” in the left sidebar. You can refresh this page any time to get updated stats on bandwidth saving.

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