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How to use pc internet on android phone via usb cable ?? How To Reverse Tether?? Here is a good solution for you. Some people think Reverse Tether (pc internet on android phone ) is a difficult and deadly task, ah, well, no this simply wrong. It is easy and everyone can do it without damaging their phone.

If you have a wireless router at home and your mobile device supports Wi-Fi connectivity you are already set. But if any one of these key components is missing you will be unable to share your PC’s internet connection with your mobile. This is where REVERSE TETHERING comes in.

How to Share PC Internet Connection With Android Phone over Usb : How To Reverse Tether


1.) Rooted Android Phone with Superuser installed.

2.) A desktop or laptop with working internet connection.

3.) USB drivers of your Android Phone.

android drvier download

Share PC Internet Connection With Your Android Phone Via USB

Step 1. If this is the first time you are connecting the phone to the computer through USB you will need to install the USB drivers.

Generally, USB drivers are supplied by the device manufacturer together when you buy your phone. If you don’t have the USB drivers, search and download the proper drivers for your phone model.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging in your Android Phone by going Settings>>Application>>Development>>USB Debugging.

Step 3. Download latest Reverse Tethering Package from here.or xda

Step 4. Extract the downloaded package in a folder.

Step 5. Now navigate inside the extracted folder and you will see a file named as AndroidTool.exe.

Step 6. Run AndroidTool.exe and click on Refresh Button that will be given in front of Select a device.

Step 7. The device connected to the PC will be shown in the spinner in front of Select a device. Choose your Android device from there.


Step 8. Click on the Connect button.

This will install the latest android package and the dependencies (busybox and redsocks) on the connected Android phone.

Step 9. At this point,the SuperUser process may ask you to allow

“USB tunnel”.

If it doesn’t or the Reverse Tethering application fails to connect to the device,open the USB Tunnel app that should be installed on your phone.

Step 10. If this prompt will not come by itself just open the USB Tunnel application installed on your phone. It will now ask for superuser permissions.

Now if all goes right you will be able to access internet on your android phone.That’s it! .If you have any issues regarding this tutorial then feel free to share your issue with us by leaving a comment.

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  1. hi, thanks for this tools. i install it an connect to pc. but internet expelorer at phone is not open internet page and Prompt for internet setting. but google maps is working good, please help me to fix this problem. my phone is: samsung Galaxy Pocket duos and my PC os is windows XP sp3.

  2. superuser is not asking but usb tunnel shows it is connected but i am not able to surf internet in my mobile
    my mobile is samsung galaxy y

  3. excellent, it worked on the first attempt, although the speed is too slow. Is there any way to speed up the internet on mobile? The current speed is 69kbps.

  4. hi!, it really works! thanks, but theres a problem when downloading an app in google playstore, when i press the install/download button it just says “waiting for network”. can you help me?

  5. Awesome. Works great. Been looking for a long time for something like this. Tip: Put your mobile in MTP mode, not Mass storage and it works beautifully. Thanks a lot.

  6. It doesn’t work for downloading apps from play store and many of the applications are not start it shows no connection.
    Please fix this issue, Otherwise its great application

  7. Why “Android Reverse Tethering 3.2″ can’t find my Galaxy S2?
    My computer is finding my phone, but just like USB device.
    Please Help!!!

  8. Everything done correctly and “connected” but no internet on device
    in progress wait for super user right?
    Please help…

  9. There is something to figure out, the wifi connection failed each time I connect my Android device on my computer. The USB Tunnel has stop my wifi connection on the computer and there is no data connection. So I realize the Reverse Tether can only work with Local Area connection.

  10. Sir,
    I have samsung gts6102.
    I want to upgrade the current android version (2.3.6) to 4.04. Is it possible to do that. If so if you can help me with the relevant steps will be much obliged.
    Thank you.

  11. Why “Android Reverse Tethering 3.2″ can’t find my Galaxy y duos?
    My computer is finding my phone, but just like USB device.
    Please Help!!!

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