Instabridge Makes WiFi Sharing Easy and Hassle free [ Android App ]

Instabridge is a free android app that makes WiFi sharing easy and hassle free.Your Android device was connected to a WIFI network that you wanted to share WIFI access with your friend. Instead of handing out the password, you could simply ‘give’ him/her access via Instabridge, using your list of contacts on your phone, much as you would send an SMS.

Instabridge lets you share your WiFi password with your friends without having to manually type it in every time. All your friends have to do is install the Instabridge app and send you a request.


You can approve only those people who you trust or grant access to them temporarily. You have the option to remove anyone from your network and stop sharing your WiFi with them at any time you want.


Download Instabridge from Google Play

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