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WiFi Direct is a free app that Quickly share files between two WiFi Direct devices without an existing WiFi network.

File Transfer by Bluetooth is Very Slow, For the large File Sharing on Bluetooth does not Work. File Sharing on Wi-Fi enabled Android Device is Easy by Wi-Fi Direct or Same Wi-Fi Network. But Wi-Fi Direct only available on High-end Android Devices. So, It not Work on Mid-Range or low-Range Android Smart Phones and also Wi-Fi Network couldn’t be found always for Wi-Fi File Sharing though Various Android Applications.


To share content, Wifi Direct must be installed on both devices. open the app on both devices and establish a connection from one. Once the notification says the devices are connected, you can use the Gallery app, file managers or many other apps with the “Share” function to select a file and send it to the other device. Both devices can send and receive files once connected.

For testing a 260 MB large video transferred from one device to another and the time required was 2 minutes 53 seconds.WiFi Direct is a free handy application for android .

Download WiFi Direct from google playstore

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