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If you can’t wait for the fall 2013 iOS & Beta release date, you can download iOS  Beta  and install it on the iPhone and iPad right now. I should say it’s likely you can upgrade your current device because the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS & Beta, is compatible with most but not all previous-generation devices.

Disclaimer: Follow this guide at your own risk.Mobotalks Media will not be liable if your device or data gets damaged in any way during the process


  • This process requires at least 70% battery life to accomplish it.
  • You must take the backup of the following data such as SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Images, Music, Videos, Bookmarks, APN (Access Point Names) settings and MMS (Multimedia MessagingService) settings etc. After creating backup of your data you can also restore them.
  • Please be sure if you had jailbroken or unlocked your iPhone then after installing the iOS 7 Beta, you will lose that. Be sure that you have latest version of iTunes installed. You can download the latest version of iTunes from here.

How to Install iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone

iOS 7



Step 1: First of all open iTunes on your computer

Step 2:  Now Plug your device in via USB Cable

Step 3: Click the name of you device from left side Go to “Summary” tab

Step 4:  There click on the text which says “Serial Number” and it will be change to Identifier.

Step 1:  You should copy that Identifier as we need that in upcoming steps.


Step 1:  Now you have to go to the iMZDL’s website.

Step 2:  There in the text box under Device Details you have to paste the UDID.

Step 3: After that Select the UDID Registration for $8 and then Click One the “Next” Button.

Step 4: Go here and after selecting the iOS 7 firmware for your specific device,

download it: iPhone 5 CDMA

iPhone 5 GSM


Step 1: Open iTunes and after that plug you iOS Device into your PC via USB Cable

Step 2: Now you have to Click on your iOS device in iTunes on the left side.

Step 3:  Create Backup of your device by clicking on the Backup. Hold Option and click Check for Update.

Step 4: When the selector comes up, choose the IPSW file you downloaded earlier and click OK

When the installation completes choose the most recent backup to re-install all your apps and contacts.

iOS7 Beta Warnings

Officially Apple says there is no way to downgrade from the beta back to iOS 6.1.1, but because Apple still signs iOS 6.1.1 you should be able to downgrade if things go bad. If this is a big deal, wait a few days to make sure this is a possibility.

You will need to use a computer to upgrade to iOS 7. There is currently no over-the-air update available, so grab your cord and a computer.

This is a beta. Things may not work s you normally expect them too and some apps may not work at all. Keep this in mind before you try out iOS 7. Don’t leave negative app reviews if apps don’t work. This preview is in place for developers to make their apps work with iOS 7, not for the average user.

Make sure you backup before you try any of this.


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