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Now you can easily remove or Change The Operator Logo Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone. CarrierEditor is a free handy application for Mac that allows you to remove or change the operator logo without jailbreaking your iPhone.

How To Remove or Change The Operator Logo on Your iPhone Without Jailbreak

First Download CarrierEditor app then Copy the Zeppelin Logos folder and paste it on your desktop. Next Paste CarrierEditor in applications folder of your Mac after : Open CarrierEditor and click on “Let’s Get Started”.


Tap Settings on HomeScreen of your device and go to General> About and scroll down to “Carrier” that you will find just below the firmware version and Copy the carrier version written next to its name, type that number in CarrierEditor and click Next.

Select your iOS device and carrier, and then click Next. After successfully reaching the “Customization Screen” you can add a custom logo.Application has a wide range of custom logos that are located in “Zeppelin Logos” folder.

carrier editor

After selecting your custom logo, drag and drop it in CarrierEditor and click on “Compile Carrier Update (.ipcc)”. and connect your iDevice to Mac and start iTunes.

Select you iDevice, hold “option/alt” key and click on Restore iPhone and Move to your desktop and you’ll see that CarrierEditor has created two files on your desktop. You need to select the “.ipcc” file that doesn’t have the word “original” in its name.

Now iTunes will show you an “Updating Carrier Settings” box. Reboot your iOS device, after that a new custom carrier logo will appear on top of the screen.

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