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WeChat Messenger is an SmartPhone (Available for all kinds of platforms) messaging app that allows notifications to be pushed instantly.WeChat has an pretty standard interface with a list of clients and a chat window for each ongoing chat session, WhatsApp Messenger is always on. The download is fast and the install is easy.

WeChat as one of the interesting alternatives to WhatsApp, we didn’t know that elsewhere in Asia, it was emerging as one of the fastest growing apps. An amalgamation of social media tools akin to Twitter, Facebook and Skype, it comes in eight languages including English, Arabic and Russian.

The cross-platform app is also available forAndroid ,iOS , BlackBerry ,Nokia (Symbian OS ) and Windows Phone. With all these users downloading the messaging app to group chat and send photos and videos–without incurring texting fees–is WhatsApp worth the hype? No,

WeChat interface is clean and simple, with a bottom nav bar for Favorites, Status, Contacts, Chats and Settings. Favorites displays your Contacts who use WeChat and offers the ability to invite contacts via mail, message or Twitter. Status lets you set a status like Available, Busy or In A Meeting, or clear your status. Contacts lists all of your contacts.

At its core, WeChat doesn’t bring anything new to the table. But it does one thing better than any other known app out there: it clubs features from several apps that results in a unified experience. While WeChat doesn’t explicitly mention it, the app certainly looks like it’s set to destabilize the market for other apps like WhatsApp.

It works pretty much the same way as WhatsApp – only, there are more features here, so you can reach your friends and chat with them in more ways. Also, features like Web WeChat, QR Code-filled profiles, special animated emoticons, and video calling make the whole experience somewhat richer.

Different ways to add friends

One way of adding friends is by using Social -> Add contacts in WeChat app. No more options asking you add friends and filling in their details .You can easily add your friends from your Phone contacts, Face Book lists and even find new ones using two innovative ways.

Apart from the known methods of adding friends through Mobile contacts, the other features include

Face Book Integration :

There is no social pages/app in the Internet pool without FB. This app also contains a Face book integration button which can be used to connect with our Face Book friends .

Add by ID :

Using this method you can connect with other Wechat member using their profile ID or phone number

Scan QR code :

This is a two-dimensional matrix Barcode  readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and other smart phones. Your profile is offered a unique QR codes which can be used to track your WeChat ID. Also, when used externally in website and blog, your readers/friends can just scan the QR code using a bar scanner and then connect with you.

Innovative ways to Attract New Friends

Ever imagined new and innovative ways to find and connect to new and old friends.This social app offers you that .

Moments : It is similar to Face Book profile with all the sophisticated sharing features it offers .Your happy moments can be shared through Photos or Videos among your friends .You can also have a cover photo for your profile just like Face Book does.

Look Around : This app locates people within few kilometres in your location  using location-based services.You can find Mr.Pat using this app in your next door or Mrs.Gag using the same 2 kms away.

Shake : I found this one really cool. Ever wondered that shaking your mobile finds you friends.Yes,that was this choice does. It can locate people even as far as 1000 kms away in China, India or Portugal with just this hand signal .

Where WeChat scores over Imo is the video calling and voice messaging features. Where Imo scores over WeChat is the Skype and Jabber support, and the clean interface.

So here’s my review in summary…


Fun features like Shake and Moments

Easy set up and configuration

Good for social networking

Excellent for video chat and voice messaging

Download Wechat 

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