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Nokia lumia 920

Today we will take a look at HTC One vs Nokia Lumia 920 and 720 low-light comparison that come in a video format to decide, what the most important variables are for you at the time of your next phone purchase.

It’s precisely in this improvised dark room where a fight was staged between the reigning low-light champion Nokia Lumia 920, as well as the newer Lumia 720, and the HTC One, taking one and the same picture, and judging the results.

Nokia lumia 920

Both devices offer some of the best possible low light photography on smartphone devices. The Android powered HTC One uses Ultra pixels which is apparently able to capture more light than your ordinary MP but when put to the test against the Lumia 920 and the 720 the image quality was not up to the mark with a similar picture on the PureView Nokia Lumia devices. Don’t take my word fro it , take a look at the video by mynokiablog below.

HTC One Vs Lumia 920 Low Light Comparison

Lumia 720 vs HTC One Low Light shootut

To me it seems even with the HTC One’s relatively poor camera performance against a mid priced Lumia, it may still have accomplished its mission to confuse and obfuscate Nokia’s PureView message. Sure, larger pixel bins on the HTC One, though smaller than those on a Nokia N95 from 5+ years ago (also had a larger sensor BTW) is a defensible move from a quality perspective…it was designed to reduce the impact of the groundbreaking 808. Technically HTC failed…but this was a marketing move.

So, you will have to decide, what the most important variables are for you at the time of your next Phone purchase.

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