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Samsung released a new Galaxy S IV teaser video, which reveals nothing (again), apart from probably the fact that S4 will have a lot of colour choices.

The company issued its first teaser for the new flagship phone last week, launching a narrative that will likely culminate during its press conference. The second installment has now been posted to YouTube and it carries forward the same storyline featuring a young child tasked with being Samsung’s “secret messenger.”


Once again, we don’t get much in the way of info on the phone itself, besides some commentary from young Jeremy that the Galaxy S IV is “beautiful,” his favorite color, “unreal,” and “totally amazing.” At the least, Jeremy has been able to keep the GS4′s secret safe.

The series is set to continue, presumably as Jeremy is tasked with bringing the smartphone to Samsung’s launch event. We’ll be looking forward to that new installment over the next several days.

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