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In this article learn how to take a Moto G screenshot orscreen capture using the power & home button or palm motion. If you need to snap a picture of a funny chat conversation, want to share some of the screens on your new phone with your friends and family , or show an expert an error message on your system, a screenshot is the ideal way to show someone exactly what is on your mobile screen. Taking a screenshot on Moto G is easy, and there are a variety of simple ways to capture just the image you need.

To take a screenshot on the Moto G , Press and HOLD both the POWER and Volume Down button for three seconds, or until you hear the camera shutter click.

That’s it!

After a few seconds you’ll feel a sound or vibration on your device and you’ll see the screenshot minimize into the notification tray. Pulling down the notification tray will in turn allow you to quickly share the picture.

it’s that easy! For those having issues, hit the POWER button first, then right after that tap the Volume Down button. You’ll see a message appear on the screen that says “Saving Screenshot…”. With this method, your screen shot will appear in Gallery/Screenshots.

That’s all it takes folks! You can then access the photos and make edits to them before sharing them and storing them in the gallery.

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