Official Spare Battery and Charger kit For Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Spare Battery and Charger Kit Now Available.The extended Samsung Galaxy S4 battery may even last five days according to one review. Galaxy S4 Spare Battery has been recently launched by Samsung. Compatible with all variants of the smartphone, this extra charge is enough to double productivity levels and ensure connectivity for longer periods of time.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Spare Battery Charger will provide you with peace of mind, knowing you will always have a spare battery charged. So whether you need to extend your day, need a replacement battery, or just need a backup plan, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Stand and Spare Battery Charger has you covered.
Galaxy S4 Spare Battery

According to the item’s listing on, the Samsung Extended Battery Kit will become available Now. Pricing is relatively consistent with earlier reports, coming in at $59.90, slightly cheaper even than the expected RRP of $ 49.99  in the UK. There is no word yet on if/when we can expect to see wider availability of this.

So to show all new Galaxy S4 owners that they didn’t include a removable battery for nothing, Samsung has gone ahead and released the official spare battery and charger for the device. Available now from a variety of online stores, you can pick up the charging kit which includes a replacement 2600mAh battery, charger, and new cable.

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